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Oualie Beach Hotel - Nevis Hotels - Resorts Hotels - On The Beach - Eco-Friendly

Oualie Beach Resort - Nevis, West Indies - Hotels & Resorts

Relaxing On Oualie Beach - Nevis Island Beach Resorts

The Oualie Beach Resort Hotel

Relaxing In A Hammock At Oualie Beach



    The Oualie  Beach Hotel (pronounced o-wally) is truly one of the most charming hotels on Nevis.  Not only is the hotel beautiful, but the grounds, beach, rooms, and views are equally wonderful.  Located on one of the most tranquil bays on Nevis, Oualie Beach Resort Hotel sits on a sugary sand beach complete with some of the most beautiful floral landscaping on Nevis.

     While Oualie Beach is truly beautiful, its charms do not stop there.  If you enjoy water sports, then this is the place to be.  Whether it is SCUBA, sailing, windsurfing, sport fishing, or just a relaxing swim, Oualie Beach has it all.  In fact most of the other hotels on Nevis send their guests to Oualie Beach for the water sports.   

Oualie Beach Resort On Oualie Bay - Nevis Hotels

The Calm Waters of Oualie Beach Resort - Nevis Island Resorts

Oualie Beach Resort On Oualie Bay

The Calm Waters of Oualie Beach Resort

Deluxe Queen Suite At Oualie Beach Hotel - Nevis Island

Premier King Suite - Oualie Beach Resort - Nevis, West Indies 

Deluxe Queen Suite At Oualie Beach Hotel

Premier King Suite - Oualie Beach Resort

     After participating in all of these activities, you know doubt will have worked up an appetite.  Once again, the Oualie Beach Hotel shines here too.  Featuring West Indian, seafood, and continental dishes all cooked to perfection by Oualie's chef.  The wide range of dishes prepared here are sure to please everybody

     With all of this however, the best reason, in my opinion, to visit the Oualie Beach Hotel is for the people.  There is nothing I like more than sitting around the beach bar and meeting new people.  From the friendly staff, to the guests, and right down to the average Nevisian stopping by after work to relax, it just doesn't get any better.  I have made lifelong friends sitting there, and have met scores of people who have visited my web site, and who then came up to thank me for recommending Oualie Beach.

Another Wedding At Oualie Beach Resort - Nevis, West Indies Hotels 

Nevis Sunset From Oualie Beach Hotel - Nevis Island

Another Wedding At Oualie Beach Resort

Nevis Sunset From Oualie Beach Hotel

All in all, if you don't at least visit Oualie for a cool drink or light snack, then you have missed the best Nevis has to offer.  Say hello to all of my friends for me while you're there.

NEWS FLASH!  Oualie now offers free broad band wireless Internet access to all rooms, beach, bar, etc.  The signal is great too. I ought to know, I recently installed a 18 dB gain external antenna with a 5 watt amplifier.  Now all they need are a few web cams so I watch the sunsets from my house! Get the hint John?

Oualie Beach Resort - Nevis, West Indies - Rates and Availability

Oualie Beach Resort
Oualie Bay, Nevis
West Indies

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