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NEVIS 1 - The Original

St. Kitts - Nevis Flag - HR Bar

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The Great House at The Nevis Botanical Gardens

The Four Seasons Resort Hotel  Golf Coure - Nevis Island



Requirements To List Your Rental Property On Nevis1.com

1.   Approximately three - five paragraphs of text, these can be in Microsoft Word format or just plain text in an email. See the other villa listings for ideas of what to include for your listing.

2.   Six - eight photos in digital format UNEDITED, send them just the way they are downloaded from your camera.  Photos should be in the wide format not tall.  The tall format takes up too much space and takes longer to download.  I know that there are some tall format photos on my site at the moment, but these are being phased out.  See the bottom of this page for an example. If you do not have a digital camera, I can scan your photos for an additional US $ 25.00, or you can have them scanned at a local "copy shop".

3. Please choose the correct number of bedrooms category you wish to be listed in.  Having to change later will be an additional US $ 25.00

4. You can only be listed in more than one bedroom category IF you have different rates for each category.  Obviously somebody could choose to rent a 4 bedroom property and only use one bedroom, but if somebody wants to rent and use just one bedroom there must be a separate rate for this.  See examples of other property listings that are listed in more than one category for more information.

5.   If you have your OWN web site, such as www.mynevisproperty.com, and wish me to link to your web site from your page on my web site, you MUST have and maintain a link from your web site to my web site.  Failure to do this will result in me removing your link from my site to yours.  Your property will be still listed on my site, I just will not have a link to your site. This is only fair, and it helps both of us rank higher in the search engines.

6.  I will also need an email and contact details for potential renters to get in touch with you.

7.  Don't forget the all important rate information, a simple high season low season rate structure seems to work best, but other systems are also acceptable.

8.  Throughout the year if you need a "simple" change to your listing such as phone number, rate change, or email I can change these free of charge.  More extensive changes will be billed at a flat fee of US $ 25.00 - US $ 50.00.

9.  Last but not least...the fee for all of this.  The fee is a one time fee of US $ 50.00 for the design, and US $ 150.00 for a one year listing.  You can renew annually for US $ 150.00. These prices are valid at the time of writing, July 13, 2006, and are subject to change.  Payment can be made in the form of a check, money order, bank check, certified check, or the preferred way of payment is via Paypal.

Acceptable Image Format

Unacceptable Image Format

    I hope that I didn't cause information overload with all of the above, but I aim to be thouough.  If you still need more information, please feel free to contact me via email Nevis1@Nevis1.com.

     Please read the above carefully, and once I receive the information from you, it should only take a few days for your property to be listed at Nevis1.com.

     PS if you wish I can design a WHOLE web site for you as I have done for other Nevis concerns. See below for a few examples.

1st Choice Car Rental

Nevis Equestrian Centre

Villas Of Nevis

Nevis Water Sports

Figtree Cottage


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