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Photos of People, Places, and Things from Nevis.

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The Family At Nisbet Plantationís Beach Bar....Itís Next To Our House

The Family At Nisbet Plantation's Beach Bar....It's Next To Our House

     The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club's beach bar, AKA Coconuts, is one of my favorite beach bars to languish in, though it is a bit pricey.  The beach is magnificent, and the water is an unbelievable shade of blue, but what I like best is the staff.  Even just after my first visit many years ago, the staff remembered my name and what I drink.  What was even more surprising was when I cam back the nest time, about 6 months later, they STILL remembered my name and drink of choice.

     Not only do they serve all manner of tropical libations, but they do a damn good lunch here too.  If while on holiday in Nevis you don't get here at least once, then you really have not been to Nevis.  This is with out a doubt the most authentic old Caribbean style bar on Nevis.  In fact since this photo was taken it is even more beautiful.  Managers Don and Katy Johnson really spent a lot of time, money, and imagination in making this the most beautiful beach bar on Nevis.

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