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Nevis Hiking Trails - Top To Bottom - Nature Hikes - Trail Hiking - Eco-Hiking - Nature Trails

Vevet Monkeys are just one of the glories a Nevis Nature Hike can show you.

Top To Bottom Nevis Hikes - Looking out on Nevis from Nevis Peak



     Attention - hikers, nature lovers and persons looking for something different!  Start the day at 8:30 A.M. joining Nevis' resident biologist, trail expert and owner of Top To Bottom Nature Tours, Jim Johnson.  Nevis boasts a myriad of historic nature trails, and guests have a choice of everything from easy, scenic strolls - learning about our history and medicinal plants, to the challenging and exhilarating Nevis Peak/Summit climb.

     Discover the rain forest, explore hidden ruins, observe monkeys in their habitat and learn about Nevis from Jim, who brings the mountain to life like no one else can!  There are a number of hikes/climbs available dependent on fitness level, but rest assured there are trails waiting to be discovered even for physically challenged visitors.

Contact Jim directly on 869.469.8090

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