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Nevis Flag Ruler

     Over the past 15+ years of writing this site I have received countless thousands of e-mails.  Some favorable, some not so favorable, but they all mean a great deal to me.  In fact I have saved EVERY single scrap of mail about my Nevis site.

     I have actually had the good fortune to meet many of the people who write me and have always treasured these encounters.  In fact, I  fell head over heels for one woman (Yes Noma, it was you) who came to visit me after writing to me about my site.  Because of this I thought I would share a few of my most memorable e-mails with you.  I hope you enjoy the letters as much as I did, and of course I have changed the names and removed the e-mail addresses for privacy reasons.

Hi! I just have to tell you that I was looking for a Caribbean island to Honeymoon on next year and I didn't know where to start to find one that fit everything we wanted. We wanted the beach and the Carib flair without the tourists and high costs. Your sight has helped tremendously and I am now obsessed with Nevis!! I am now looking for the perfect package at a place to stay. I am not even entertaining thoughts of any other island. Thank you so much for your wonderful site, it has helped me more than I can ever say! I can't wait to visit the island next year and will definitely write again after we have seen it for ourselves! Keep up the great work! I am on your site all the time, checking things out again and again!! We are planning on visiting at the end of next September/ beginning of October. Please, if you have any advice or tips, that aren't already on your site, please share!! Thanks again!!

Mandy B.

Hi Mike! Remember me? This is from Victoria from Germany. Great web page! Are you back from Nevis yet,or have those Caribs killed you already? This computer is in my university. Please write back when you get a chance.

Thanks! Take care! Victoria.


I would just like to let you know how much I enjoyed the pages on Nevis. Got the information from Tony, on the Electronic Evergreen. 

Your presentation of the island and its people display a respect and understanding that has been sadly lacking in the majority of Euro-Caribbeanrelations.

I especially liked your subtle and not so subtle guidelines for the would be visitors.  Most tourist brochures would not dare to be so outspoken.

Thank you for saying things that need to be said.

I was born on the island and have not visited there for a few years. enjoyed browsing the pages with my children, who are even more anxious to visit again.

Thank you for a job well done.  By the way, did you know that Alexander Hamilton is one of the U.S. connections to Nevis, and that the film star Cicely Tyson is another?  Unlike Hamilton, Cicely was not born on the island, but her parents, brothers and sisters were.

Well, hope to meet you one day on Pinneys Beach taking a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean sea, or strolling around Charlestown.

Thanks again.

Larry, Sonja, Yonni, Lawrence, Robyn, and Joshua

To Nevis1@nevis1.com

Subject: your web page. I have been to your page many times in the past. Matter of fact I used it teach my wife and kids about the island. I have never been there.


     We just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your part in helping to make our 25th anniversary vacation a most wonderful and memorable experience.  Having never been to the Caribbean, your Nevis web site really sold us in an attempt to find a place where the hustle and bustle of resort and "full package" vacations had not distorted the original character of the islands.

     Although our original "big idea" for this vacation was to see the solar eclipse, that event while very spectacular in itself was quickly overshadowed by the shining hospitality of the people of Nevis.  We really felt sorry for the people who never left the Four Seasons compound or who only spent an couple of hours in Charlestown while off their cruise ships. They all missed a piece (or peace) of the world as it should be. Sybil's Yamseed Inn was great.  The only drawback of the whole vacation was the airport construction that started early every morning.  We dubbed the bulldozer "The New Castle alarm clock".  No problem, we took it as an opportunity to acknowledge we were on vacation and didn't have to get out of bed.  Besides, it made sure we didn't miss June's wonderful breakfasts. You were right, she is a sweetheart.  We wanted to pack her up with our luggage.

     Sybil was a very gracious hostess.  She even made all the arrangements for a flight over to Antigua on Thursday and went along with us and some of her friends when we expressed an interest to go there for a better view of the eclipse. The food and the restaurants were great.  Donna likes the roti's (no matter where you get them) and I had the best shepard's pie ever at Eddy's.  The guava ice cream at Eddy's downstairs is not to be missed!  We were surprised to see you didn't feature Mariner's Pub on your site.  We had a fantastic meal there and spent the better part of three enjoyable hours talking with Sonia and Ron and their son Carl. We don't know when, but we certainly plan on trying to get back someday.

We wish all the best for all your friends there.

Thanks again,

Dirk and Donna D.

Hi there I was born in nevis and am know living in canada.  I left nevis when I was 6 yrs I am now 35 yrs with my 5 sisters, but I do miss my home it is good to see your web page and have it bookmarked. It is so good to sit in front of the computer with my 2 kids and show them where daddy is from, they really enjoy your sight there is a lot for them to learn there. The kids are 8 yrs and 5 yrs.....I hope to get there soon my mother was buried there when I was 4 yrs old but need to say hi to her and my home........thanks.....please   E - mail me...?   Stedmond M.

Dear Mike,

     It was so refreshing to see a Website of Nevis, my home country while I was browsing (not surfing) the net.  I am a law student studying at Holborn College in London and have left Nevis in January, 1996.  The college recently received this service and I took the first opportunity I had to check out Nevis.  Having read the contents, I have to say that it has been very informative, fascinating and accurate.  Congratulations and I hope that fellow web-users share the same sentinments.  However, there are a few minor corrections that have to be made concerning the information given The mountain is called 'Nevis Peak' and not 'Mount Nevis', and at the bottom of the page which covers information on Recipes, Charlestown in spelt incorrectly.  (I just thought you should know.)

Again, congratulations and all the best.

Yours faithfully,

Heidi-Lynn S.

P.S. I would like to give a shout-out to my loving and supportive family - the S******s at Butlers, Nevis, W.I.  I miss you terribly and may God continue to bless you!


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