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NEVIS 1 - The Original

St. Kitts - Nevis Flag - HR Bar

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Nevis Flag Ruler

     If you are looking for the ultimate mode of transportation in Nevis, then look no further, this is it.  I remember the first day I saw this limo cruising around Nevis.  I was sitting at Prinderella's having a cold one at about three-beer-thirty when I saw this Lincoln go past.  I immediately put down my Carib.  I thought "oh no, you have completely gone round the twist now". Fortunately it wasn't the Carib, the limo was real!

     Islander 1 is owned by Sydney Jeffers, and is operated from Craddock Road, in Nevis.  He offers several package deals, but as the information I have on pricing is out of date, I suggest you call him.  He can be reached at 869.469.5203  Enjoy the ride!

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