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Nevis Ruins - Nevis Island - Caribbean Archaeology - Sugar Plantations - Historical Ruins

Old Sugar Mill Ruins in Nevis, West Indies

Ruins of another old Sugar Mill in Nevis, West Indies



     While on holiday to Nevis you may be interested in viewing a bit about Nevis' past.  There are many historic ruins throughout the island.  Whether you are interested in architecture, a glimpse at days gone by, or just feel like seeing a bit about Nevis that most people never see, Nevis has a lot to offer.  Below are photos and descriptions of some of the better know ruins, you may even stumble on some unknown ruins.  Keep your eyes open and enjoy the history of this wonderful island.

Hamilton Estate Ruins - Nevis Island.

Hamilton Estate - Offering panoramic views of Charlestown and St. Kitts.  Hamilton Estate is located on the upper part of Government Road.  The volcanic stone windmill tower and late 19th century steam engine are all that remain of a once thriving sugar estate.  It last produced sugar in the early 1950's.

New River Estate Ruins - Nevis, West Indies.

New River Estate - This was the last mill to produce sugar commercially on Nevis.  New River, with its massive machinery, elegant chimney, ruined great house with volcanic stone colonnade and complete sugar boiling wall offers the visitor a glimpse of the days "when sugar was king".

Coconut Walk Estate Ruins - Nevis Island.

Coconut Walk Estate - Down towards the sea from New River Estate, the ruins of this early 18th century sugar works, kitchen and house are an evocative reminder of the skill and strength of the early free and slave craftsmen of Nevis.  The tall, perfectly proportioned windmill tower is one of the finest on Nevis.

The Lime Kiln Ruins - Huggins Bay, Nevis

The Lime Kiln - Located at Huggins Bay, this early lime kiln is still used to burn coral which washes up on nearby beaches to make lime for the lime mortar essential to the construction of the many stone buildings in Nevis.  The kiln has been in use for over 200 years, and has withstood many earthquakes and hurricanes.

Eden Brown Estate Great House Ruins - Nevis, West Indies

Eden Brown Estate Great House - The site of one of Nevis' great folk stories, this substantial house was once called Eden Brown's Eden.  Built in the late 1700's, the house still commands spectacular views over the sea, and on a clear day Antigua and Montserrat can be seen from the Gallery.

Cottle Church Ruins - Nevis Island Tourism Site

Cottle Church - Opened in 1825, this was the first Anglican Church in the Caribbean where Blacks and Whites worshipped together, 10 years before slavery ended in the region.  Created by estate owner and slave holder Thomas Cottle, it was rebuilt in the mid 1800's after earthquake damage, and fell out of use by the early 1900's.

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