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Nevis Hotels - Affordable Hotels - Inexpensive Hotels - Cheap Hotels - Economy Hotels

Palm Springs Guest House - Affordable Nevis Lodging

Ocean View Guest House - Inexpensive Nevis Lodging

Palm Springs Guest House

Ocean View Guest House



     While it is true that the island of Nevis is best known for Luxury Nevis hotels, it is also true that there are several cheap Nevis hotels, or should I say affordable hotels.  Unless you have loads of money that you don't need, or if you just wan't to stay behind a wall and not really see the beauty of Nevis...then what is the point of staying at a posh resort?

     I mean how long do you really plan on staying in your room with CNN and gourmet burgers?  Check out these wonderful small and inexpensive hotel in Nevis, and see the "real" Nevis!  I am sure you can survive without a chocolate truffle on your pillow for a few days.  Be a traveller....not a tourist!

     The information on the following pages is to the best of my knowledge honest and factual, however I will toss in my own opinions too.  I will try to be fair, even if I do tick off a few people.  I mean what would this site be worth if all I did was mimic a guide book and give five stars to every Nevis hotel and Plantation Inn.

Budget - Cheap - Inexpensive - Nevis Hotels

JP's Guest House

Palm Springs Guest House

Ocean View Guest House

Philsha's Guest House

JP's Guest House

JP's Guest House - Located in the heart of Charlestown, Nevis

JP's Guest House is located right in the heart of Nevis' capital, Charlestown.  With easy access to the St. Kitts - Nevis ferry, good restaurants, and local shops.  The noise level can be a bit loud during the day, but hey you won't be here anyway...you will most likely be at one of the beautiful Nevis beaches.  Come 5:00 PM Charlestown, becomes almost like a ghost town, so you will be sure to sleep easy here.

Ocean View Guest House

Ocean View Guest House Has Great Views Of The Sea 

Ocean View Guest House -If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay while on holiday in Nevis, then the Ocean View Guest House may be just the place for you.  Located on Shaws Road in Newcastle, this guest house offers million dollar views at an affordable..no I mean CHEAP rate.  This really is the most affordable place to stay in Nevis.

There are just five guest rooms (two with en'suite facilities) the guest house also boasts a 30 seat restaurant and bar.  There is a nature reserve within walking distance.

Palm Springs Guest House

Palm Springs Guest House Overlooks The Caribbean and St. Kitts 

Palm Springs Guest House is located in the small Nevis village of Cotton Ground.  Away from the main road, yet conveniently close to numerous beaches and some of Nevis'best restaurants.  This out of the way affordable guest house, is perfect for those of you who really seek seclusion and privacy at very cheap rates.

This Nevis guest house  has breath taking views of the ocean and sister island St. Kitts.  At Palm Spring Guest House you will feel as if you have stepped into your own private home.

Philsha's Guest House

Philsha's Guest House Entranceway 

Philsha's Guest House - This modern two-story building has wonderful sea views.  There are six luxurious, self-catering air-conditioned apartments, each with its own fully-equipped kitchen.

Philsha's Guest House is just a 5 minutes drive from the capital Charlestown, and a 5 minutes walk to famous Pinney's Beach - which home to many restaurants and bars.

While in Nevis you can hike the rain forests of Nevis Peak, and observe Green Vervet Monkeys in their natural habitat.

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